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Handcrafted Selenite Crystal Wand #011719
Selenite Crystal Wand

Handcrafted Selenite Crystal Wand #011719

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Fun contrasting bright colored orange and deep purple hand-dyed silk ribbons wrap around an icy clear Natural Selenite Crystal wand adorned with orange tipped pheasant feathers and a crystal chunk of Carnelian. The natural Selenite crystal wand measures approximately 5.1”/ 130mm in length. Selenite combines well with the energies of Carnelian; creating a powerful, cleansing and protective crystal healing tool for use in divination, past-life regression, healing, and meditative practices. In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Selenite opens and activates the third eye, crown, and higher crown chakras while grounding and anchoring the Light Body. Selenite may be placed as part of a protective grid creating a safe, quiet space and peaceful environment. Selenite clears energetic blockages and allows access to the disorders of the physical body providing healing information to “fix” the underlying issue while Carnelian aids in overcoming stagnation in one’s life. Feathers are symbolic of faith, lightness, joy, contemplation, and the aerial connection to the spirit world. Feathers are thought to have magical powers and have been used throughout history by shamans to decorate and empower medicine bundles, drums and rattles, hair pieces and clothing. Feathers are said to assist in lifting prayers upwards to spirit and angels. Selenite’s vibration energetically resonates and helps to connect one with their angelic and spirit guides for information and guidance. Selenite helps one with focus and gives one strength and clarity when making decisions. The energies of Selenite and Carnelian Selenite allows one to be aware of the smaller details, as well as, the overall, bigger picture of a situation or opportunity.  Carnelian is empowering and gives one courage, promotes positive life choices, and dispels apathy.

In healing, this Selenite and Carnelian Crystal wand would make a very useful crystal tool for scanning the aura and the chakras in order to locate, cleanse and heal blockages. 

 1.5oz/ 42g         5.1"/ 130mm                   $25.00

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