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CHAKRA(S): Heart, Crown and Brow/Third Eye


ZODIAC: Sagittarius

ATTRIBUTES: Heulandite is a member of the Zeolite family and crystallizes in the form of tabular, trapezoid, as well as, forms in granular and massive habits. Heulandite’s coloring ranges from colorless, to gray, pink, peach, golden, green, red, yellow and/or white. Heulandite assists in traversing inter-dimensional spaces and facilitates the reading and understanding of Akashic Records. Heulandite facilitates meditative states and may aid in channeling. Heulandite is an excellent stone for moving on and may be used to take one back to the past to release negative emotions and changed ingrained habits or behaviors, replacing these with an openness to new ways and exciting possibilities. Heulandite supports the synthesis between the old and the new for the actualization of the best possible outcome. Heulandite helps to release and diminish distressing ideas and conditions; allowing one to release the bonds of customs, privilege, condescension, conceit and jealousy. The energy of Heulandite removes constraints and facilitates an open, willing, and balanced attitude in life. Heulandite calms nervousness and alleviates feelings of fear. Heulandite enhances cognitive abilities and clarity of thought. It energetically supports the evolution of the brain and the development of consciousness without thought. White Heulandite emits a frequency that stimulates dreams and visions. Heulandite opens the third eye chakra. Heulandite acts as a vibrational channel for Divine guidance and facilitates meditative states. Heulandite may help one to feel calm and centered, enlightened, and ease feelings of emotional burden. White Heulandite can be invaluable for spiritual self healing, helping to regain knowledge and skills from past life memories to resolve psychological problems and/or blockages in the present.

Green Heulandite is soothing to the emotional body and promotes joyful and blissful states of consciousness. Green Heulandite is focused upon the heart center and the expression of heartfelt joy. The physical heart is the generator of the majority of the aura's electromagnetic energy. Green Heulandite assists the heart in remaining resonant with positive emotional energies and their corresponding electromagnetic frequencies. Green Heulandite strengthens weak auras and is an ideal protective crystal tool that promotes a strong and resilient aura. Green Heulandite may also strengthen heart muscle weakened or damaged by stress. Green Heulandite promotes emotional healing from traumatic experience, grief and shock. Green Heulandite fosters the frequencies of compassion and love and assists in releasing feelings of resentment, judgment, cynicism and sarcasm. Green Heulandite also encourages one to remain consciously focused in one's heart center.

HEALING: Heulandite may be useful in physical recovery from heart attacks, angina, and other heart related ailments. Heulandite may be used in the treatment of disorders of the feet. Heulandite may also be helpful for those who experience shortness of breath. Heulandite may also enable one to re-emerge and gracefully recover after a loss. Heulandite may be beneficial in the treatment of mobility, lower limbs, blood flow, kidneys, liver, detoxification, goiter, addiction, bloating, agriculture, gardening, and is considered an essential Reiki Stone.