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CHAKRA(S): Solar Plexus 

VIBRATION: Number 33

ZODIAC: Taurus

ATTRIBUTES: Hanksite helps one to understand the experience of death, and to flow with unwanted changes which occur during life. Hanksite may help to combat restlessness and unwanted wants - provides insight between wants and needs.  Provides insight to information to trickery and illusion, sharpens perception and adeptness and awareness with the environment.  Hanksite enhances the solar plexus chakra and helps to facilitate both a melding and recognition of the self and the non-self.  Hanksite is a wonderful crystal tool to use in meditation and advancement towards spirituality.  It has been called "the juggler's stone", dispels introversion, utilizes creative forces and the creative forces of the universe.  Increases flexibility in mental, emotional and physical bodies.                   

 HEALING: Hanksite may be used to stimulate hair growth, and health and to ameliorate head colds.  It had been used  to provide  a stabilizing effect on ambulatory activities.