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Gypsum Natural Specimen #2111116
Gypsum Natural Specimen

Gypsum Natural Specimen #2111116

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Stunning dark amber honey colored natural Gypsum specimen with clusters of needle-like sparkly crystals from Chinkapook, Swan Hill, Victoria, in Australia. Gypsum is a supportive energy base for character growth and personal improvement. Gypsum may be helpful in the elimination of feelings of being stuck and mired down with stagnant energy and perceived obstacles. Gypsum provides helpful balancing energies. When it feels like life is moving too fast, Gypsum is a helpful crystal tool providing grounding, stability, and sustainability. Gypsum creates mental calming and an understanding of thoughts so one may move forward with focus and clarity. Gypsum sets an energetic foundation for creativity and innovative use of materials. In healing, Gypsum fosters energetic support for bone strength and growth. Gypsum may be useful for improving the elasticity of skin and tissue.

1.1oz/ 31g            3.9" x 1.2" x .5"/ 100mm x 30mm x 13mm              $15.00

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