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Green Zebra Striped Agate Skull Carving #042817
Green Zebra Striped Agate Skull Carving

Green Zebra Striped Agate Skull Carving #042817

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Unusual green zebra striped agate skull carving. Green agate enhances mental and emotional flexibility and improves decision-making. Green Agate may be useful in resolving disputes. Agates are grounding, soothing and calming stones that create emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Agate aids with centering and stabilizing physical energy. Agates harmonize yin and yang, the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place. Agate helps to build self confidence and self-esteem. Agate enhances mental functions, improves concentration, perception and analytical abilities. Agate may help one overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart. Agate helps to release anger and fosters love and the courage to start over. Agate raises consciousness, links awareness to the oneness of life and the assimilation of life experiences creating spiritual growth and inner stability.

In healing, green agate is a powerful healer, especially in areas of the throat and neck. Agate counteracts blocked self-expression releasing shoulder and neck problems, thyroid deficiencies, and throat and lymph infections. Agate lowers fever, treats arthritic and bone deformities, supports the skeletal system and may be helpful in healing fractures.

2.9oz/ 82g          2" x 1.3" / 51mm x 33mm          $33.00 

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