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Green Phantom Natural Quartz Crystal #051916
Green Phantom Natural Quartz Crystal

Green Phantom Natural Quartz Crystal #051916

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Beautiful clear Quartz Crystal Points with foamy sea green colored phantom mineral inclusions from Mwinilunga, North West Province, Zambia, Africa. Green Phantom Quartz Crystals have excellent healing energies and provide swiftness to the recovery process. Green Phantom Quartz Crystals assist in clairaudient endeavors, affording lucid, distinct, and articulate verbalization of the messages received. Green Phantom Quartz Crystals contain an innate wisdom; data is held within the stone and is accessible to the user to help with manifestation furthering one’s spiritual development. Green Phantom Quartz brings harmony to situations and provides for support and insight in all endeavors. Green Phantom Quartz alleviates despair and helps one feel supported. Green Phantom Quartz ameliorates panic attacks, stabilizes bipolar disorders and helps with self-realization. 

approx  .1oz+/ 1g+             .7"+/ 20mm+             1pc    $3.00 

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