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Green Calcite Natural Crystals #061318
Green Calcite Natural Crystals

Green Calcite Natural Crystals #061318

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Translucent with a waxy surface sage green with a rusty brown hematite tips natural Green Calcite Crystal wands from Mexico. Green Calcite’s vibrations resonate with heart healing on spiritual and physical levels. As the hematite tip grounds energy, the green calcite clears the the heart chakra of stress and unhealthy psychic debris. Green Calcite nurtures positive behavior traits such as compassion and altruism, as it releases resentments and fosters forgiveness of self and others. Green Calcite aligns the pathway between the higher self and one’s physical heart with the frequencies of divine LOVE, harmony and balance. Emotional attachments are removed with the help of Green Calcite so one may be fully open to receiving the experience of Divine Love. With its gentle and profound light vibration, Green Calcite facilitates the process of letting go of what is no longer needed. Green Calcite helps one with overcoming stagnation in order to move forward and maximize potential. Green Calcite brings a sense of renewed purpose accompanied by the desire to make a positive change in one’s life. Green Calcite resonates with uplifting energy and may be helpful for those with seasonal effective disorders or winter depression. Known as the “Gardener’s friend,” Green Calcite assists one in being more attuned to the natural world and with plant and animal spirits.

In healing, sleeping with calming Green Calcite may make for pleasant dreams and a restful sleep. Green Calcite encourages well-being and vitality. Green Calcite may help rid the body of infections. Green Calcite helps with clearing mucus, as wells as, plaque and blockages in the arteries. 

approximate size  1.8oz +/ 52g        3.9" x .7"+ / 100mm x 17mm+               1 piece      $10.00   

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