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Goldstone Merkaba #162411

Goldstone Merkaba #162411

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Red Goldstone Merkaba with vibrant gold fiery dots hues from Italy.  Goldstone is a synthetic stone.  Goldstone may be used as a physical stimulator to renew strength and vitality. Goldstone is an excellent crystal tool for meditation. 

Merkaba is an extremely powerful symbol, a combination of 2 star tetrahedrons, one pointing up to the heavens, channeling energy down to the earth plane, and one pointing downwards, drawing up energy from the earth beneath. The top or upward pointing tetrahedron is male and rotates clockwise, with the bottom or downwards pointing one being female which rotates counter- clockwise. MERKABA is taken from the 18th dynasty Egyptian translation - MER is rotating fields of light; KA is spirit; and BA is soul and in Hebrew means chariot. Mer-ka-ba means the spirit or energy body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, or spirals  of energy (as with a strand of DNA), which transport spirit or consciousness from one dimension to another. Merkaba is the light body vehicle and the key to understanding how to move from one dimension or level to another. It has also been said that Merkaba is used by Ascended Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. When the Merkaba is activated around your body, you are in place of complete protection, harmony and universal balance with surrounding energy generated from pure Divine Love. Through practice you can activate an energy field using the energy and shape visualization of a Merkaba capable of carrying your consciousness to higher realms. When meditating, try sitting holding a Merkaba and picture yourself inside this shape. 

.3oz/ 9g             .6" x .6" / 17mm x 17mm             1pc   $30.00 

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