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Gibeon Meteorite #011018
Gibeon Meteorite

Gibeon Meteorite #011018

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Amazing 4600 Million Year Old Nickel Iron Gibeon Meteorite. This meteorite slice is from the core of an extinct planet that was blown apart billions of years ago during the formation of our solar system by a catastrophic impact event and fell in prehistoric times in Africa. This meteorite was named after the nearest town where it landed: Gibeon, Namibia. Though this meteorite was officially discovered by westerners in 1838, the indigenous people of Namibia had been making spear points and tools from the meteorite for perhaps thousands of years. The beautiful crystalline patterns within Gibeon meteorites are known as Widmanstatten patterns. These unique patterns found within the meteorite can only form over millions of years of cooling. Gibeon Meteorite represents the energy of other worlds and allows for the access of this special energy to the user.  Powered with the energies of the stars, Gibeon Meteorite may be used for balancing and aligning the energetic fields of the body. Gibeon Meteorite enhances communication on this plane and may provide access to stored internal information relevant to one’s needs.  Gibeon Meteorite encourages strength and stamina required for endurance. Gibeon Meteorite assists with actualization of the purpose of our presence on this planet. Gibeon Meteorite emits a trusting energy allowing one to be open to the exchanges of confidence and new ideas. Gibeon Meteorite facilitates great awakenings and changes – take the leap supported by the cosmic energies of Nickel-Iron Meteorite and enjoy the journey.  Gibeon Meteorite helps one develop patience on the spiritual path. Gibeon Meteorite helps one find the spiritual in the most mundane of daily tasks and the enjoyment of the structure of routine in one’s life. Gibeon Meteorite is helpful in seeing projects through to completion.

In healing, Gibeon Meteorite may be used in the treatment of anemia, strengthener for the blood and tissues, incoherence and melancholia. Gibeon Meteorite may be used to assist one in understanding the physical body so that the body becomes one with the spirit. Gibeon Meteorite offers strength and hope in the face of a long struggle or physical ailment.

                         .4"+/ 12mm+                    1 pc.      $25.00   

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