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Galena Mineral Rough #070615
Galena Mineral Rough

Galena Mineral Rough #070615

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Pretty silver gray Galena Mineral Rough with metallic luster and tinge of brassy sparkle from Africa.  Galena is a "stone of harmony," bringing balance on all levels, harmonizing the physical, etheric and spiritual planes.  Galena is a grounding stone, anchoring and centering.  Galena aids holistic healing and is an excellent crystal tool for doctors, homeopaths and herbalists.  

In healing, Galena may help to reduce inflammation and eruptions, stimulates circulation and supports healthy veins. Galena increases the assimilation of selenium and zinc and is beneficial for the hair.  Galena is lead-based, elixirs should be made through the indirect method. 

approx .6oz+/ 16g+             3 pieces for $5.00 

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