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CHARACTERISTICS: Grounding and innovative ideas 


SCIENTIFIC: Gypsum occurs in evaporating sea beds. Gypsum has a low solubility so it becomes one of the first minerals to separate and be deposited when the ocean brine evaporates. Gypsum crystallizes in a variety of forms: granular masses, fibrous shapes, and crystals that have prismatic, needle-like, and tabular configurations. Gypsum in the form of crystals is also known as Selenite. Gypsum formed as hard masses is also known as Alabaster. Gypsum found with a silky luster is known as Satin Spar. Rosette shaped gypsum are called Desert Roses. Gypsum comes in a wide range of colors from white and colorless to hues of yellow, green, pink, red, blue, brown and black. The name Gypsum comes from the Greek word meaning plaster or chalk. Gypsum has been used since the Egyptians, as plaster for walls and building materials, for statute carving, as an adhesive, and as filler in pigments.

ATTRIBUTES: Metaphysically, Gypsum may be helpful in the elimination of feelings of being stuck and mired down with stagnant energy and perceived obstacles. Procrastination gone. Gypsum is a supportive energy base for character growth and personal improvement. Gypsum provides helpful balancing energies. When it feels like life is moving too fast, Gypsum is a helpful crystal tool providing grounding, stability, and sustainability. Gypsum creates mental calming and an understanding of thoughts so one may move forward with focus and clarity. Gypsum sets an energetic foundation for creativity and innovative use of materials.

HEALING: Gypsum fosters energetic support for bone strength and growth. Gypsum may be useful for improving the elasticity of skin and tissue.


In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Gypsum provides grounding. Gypsum unblocks meridians and energetic pathways.

For Gaia Healing, create a medicine wheel and use a piece of Gypsum. It is said that Gypsum brings together and synthesizes the energies of the four directions and connects with Mother Earth and Father Sky.