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CHAKRA(S): Brow / Thrid Eye, Crown

VIBRATION: Number 44


ATTRIBUTES:  Goethite assists to attune to the ethereal realms, and enhances communication with "the angels".  Goethite facilitates clairaudience and sometimes allows one to hear the music of the ethers.  It enhances communication on the physical place and connection with other worlds and beings in those worlds.  Goethite may enable one to predict future events, and may enhance the abilities of a divining rod.  It facilitates clairaudient experiences and the mineral maybe used to grid an area to enhance and strengthen the energy for welcoming spaceship landings.

HEALING: Goethite may be used in the treatment of anemia, menorrhagia, convulsions, and to facilitate body-building activities.  Goethite may also be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the ears, nose, throat, intestines, alimentary canal, veins and esophagus.