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CHAKRA(S): Root / Base

VIBRATION: Number 22

ZODIAC: Capricorn

ATTRIBUTES: Galena is a stone of harmony creating balance on all levels energetically resonating with the physical, etheric, and spiritual planes.  Galena is a grounding stone, anchoring and centering.  Galena aids holistic healing and is an excellent crystal support for doctors, homeopathic practitioners, and herbalists.  Galena opens the mind allowing for the expansion of ideas and dissolving self-limiting assumptions from the past.               

HEALING: Galena may be helpful in the reduction of inflammation and eruptions. Galena may provide stimulation for circulation and healthy benefits for veins.  Galena also may increase the assimilation of selenium and zinc and beneficial to the hair.  As Galena is lead based, elixirs should be made through the indirect method.