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Frog Totem



Frogs are connected with water element, both on the earth and in the sky, the form of rain, and with the land. Through their permeable skin, Frogs absorb water from their environment. Frog totem gives supportive energy and cleanses negativity found in the environment and with our emotions. It is said croaking songs of frogs remind us to honor our tears and to celebrate the cleansing power of rain. Frogs are associated with fertility.  Frogs were sacred to Heqet, the Egyptian goddess of Fertility and embryonic waters. Frog Totem symbolizes transformation and coming into your personal power. When the Frog appears, you are asked to get in touch with your feelings, or warned not to take on other's emotions, or to learn how to recognize when people or situations are draining your energy, and to cleanse them out of your aura.  Frog reminds you to detox, refresh and renew your energy sources. Take a moment for yourself, relax and replenish with some healing waters. Can you say “Spa time” or “beach day?” Frog people are gifted psychics, mystics, healers and artists that go through a lot of changes and perhaps several career changes. Frog totem assists energetic balance supporting these changes and creates an intuitive flow.