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Ruby with fuchsite wand

CHAKRA(S): Heart, Crown


ZODIAC: Aquarius

ATTRIBUTES: Beautiful green Fuchsite mineral facilitates the understanding process. Fuchsite promotes the examination of issues that relate to basic foundations, such as personal concerns and perceived problems directly related to interactions with others and the material world. Fuchsite provides reflective qualities so that one can recognize the flaws of humanity while remaining in a heart space to continue to love all of humanity with its imperfections. Fuchsite assists in self-reflection and facilitates the acknowledgement and elimination of character traits that no longer serve one’s highest purpose. When meditating with Fuchsite, one may access information concerning the maintenance of physical health, daily routine, schedules, stress, career, people, pets and the environment. Fuchsite may also eliminate any issues related to being of and in service. Fuchsite may also help to "bounce back" after delays in health or circumstances. Fuchsite provides for growth and flexibility in all areas and supports the processing and release of painful feelings. Fuchsite provides one with energy and purpose to move forward and appreciate the lessons and experiences in the past. Fuchsite may be used to enhance knowledge and right action in the fields of law enforcement and holistic medicine. When used in channeling activities, Fuchsite may bring forth information regarding herbal and holistic remedies. Fuchsite is one of the stones which facilitate the energy transfer from other minerals, enhancing energy transfer during healing sessions.

IN HEALING: Fuchsite may be helpful when used to balance the red and white blood cell count, treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome, stabilizes spinal alignment and increases the flexibility of muscles.