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Fairy Stone

CHAKRA(S): Root and Base


ZODIAC: Taurus

CHARACTERISTICS: Connecting with Nature, Goddess Energy, Grounding and Past Life Exploration


SCIENTIFIC: Fairy Stone concretions, composed of calcium carbonate, are formed when there is an accumulation of seafloor sedimentary mud rock, mineral accretions, and fossilized crystal deposits of plant and animal remains in areas of ancient glacial deposits. Fairy Stone concretions come in a variety of unusual shapes and irregular ovoid sizes due to the environmental conditions and the composition of sedimentary mineral deposits which created them. Legend has it that the indigenous inhabitants of North America, the Algonquin, called these unusually shaped minerals, Fairy Stones. Fairy Stone Concretions are also referred to as goddess stones or Menilite Opal. Fairy Stone concretion color ranges from grey-brown to chalky white. Fairy Stones concretions are found in the British Isles, Canada, Scandinavia, Morocco, and in the USA.

ATTRIBUTES: Fairy Stone concretions may be considered as a type of natural good luck charm resonating with the vibrations of prosperity and nurturing feelings of LOVE and well-being. Reminiscent of ancient goddess sculptures of "Venus figurines," Fairy Stone concretion offers a “motherly” energetic support for self-nurturing, caring about others, and caring for the Earth. Fairy Stone concretion energetically provides grounding, acceptance, flexibility, generosity and increases tolerance for self and others. Fairy Stone concretion enhances the ability to gather the community and family together with focused and clear communication of ideas and purpose. Fairy Stone concretion also supports patience and endurance over the long haul. Fairy Stone concretion energetically supports balance in life when dealing with unexpected upheavals or as a result of the long term accumulation of circumstances. Fairy Stone concretion’s nurturing vibration aids in grounding Light in the aura while identifying and clearing unwanted emotional issues and outworn behavioral patterns. Fairy Stone concretion shows what your emotional state has been in the past and during other lifetimes and teaches you to take responsibility for your current emotional state of being while encouraging positive, sustainable changes. The grounding energies of fairy stone concretion provides the strength and resources needed to handle any situation. When you are energetically grounded, decisions are more easily made, worries about the future are released, and the enjoyment and magic of the present moment are experienced with a sense of clarity. Fairy Stone concretion energetically resonates with “down to earth” practicality and the appropriate usage of available resources.  Offering comfort and nurturing energies, Fairy Stone concretion remind us to be gentle, take care of ourselves, and not to overextend our energies with commitments and resources.

HEALING: The energetic vibrations from Fairy Stone Concretions may have a soothing effect on the sympathetic nervous system and may be helpful to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, nervousness, while alleviating and providing relief from pain. Fairy Stone Concretion is a wonderful crystal tool for stimulating and focusing the body’s own unlimited healing powers. Fairy Stone Concretion may be helpful in cellular regeneration. Fairy Stone Concretion may also be helpful with balancing hormonal levels, assist with fertility issues and in the dispersal of fibroids and various types of cysts. 


Fairy Stone concretion is an excellent crystal tool for exploring past life issues and ancestral origins.

A gardener’s or nature lover’s crystal tool, Fairy Stone concretion forms an energetic link that resonates with the seasonal cycles, minerals, crystals, plant and animal kingdoms, earth fairies and devas.

Place Fairy Stone concretion in your home to create a “soft place to land” offering a calm and nurturing environment that may be helpful in reducing the feelings of stress, anxiety, and nervousness.

By providing an energetic pathway with the physical body, Fairy Stone concretion may be a helpful crystal tool for those who need to positively re-frame how they imagine their body. Hello you gorgeous, amazing Goddess!!! You GOT this!

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Fairy Stone concretion may be used as a grounding crystal that restores balance and stabilizes the Base and Earth Chakras.

For Gaia Healing, Fairy Stone concretion may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to resonate and generate feelings of compassion for others and appreciation for nature and all beings. Fairy Stone concretion helps to clears negative energies from the environment.