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Faden Quartz



ZODIAC: Scorpio

CHARACTERISTICS: Healing and Connection

ELEMENT: Earth and Storm
SCIENTIFIC: Faden Quartz Crystal is a variety of Quartz Crystal. Faden Quartz crystals are found in the fissures of metamorphic rock formations. Faden Quartz Crystal has inclusions of one or more white thread-like fibrous formations. It is said that the white line is caused by the fracture and healing of the crystal. The name “faden” comes from the German translation of “thread.” Faden Quartz Crystal’s hardness is rated at 7 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. Faden Quartz Crystal is found in Brasil and Pakistan.

ATTRIBUTES: Faden Quartz Crystal is a crystal of “connection.” Faden Quartz Crystal supports the connective forces between self and a chosen recipient.  Faden Quartz Crystal creates and maintains an ethereal connection with others on this plane, on other planes and dimensions. Faden Quartz Crystal is a good crystal tool for astral travel and the exploration of parallel dimensions of one’s reality. The “thread” found within the Faden Quartz Crystal is said to represent the “silver cord” that attaches to the subtle body to the physical during out of body experiences. Faden Quartz Crystal resonates with energy promoting astral travel and offers protection while travelling on this physical plane and other dimensions. Faden Quartz Crystal helps to provide a direction for “lumps” and other disorders to leave the body and create a positive pathway for rejuvenation and recovery. Faden Quartz Crystal enhances self-healing and provides a direction for personal growth, the integration of fragmented soul parts, and balances emotional stability.

HEALING: Faden Quartz Crystal may be beneficial in cellular healing and expedites the healing of bone fractures, muscle tears, and nervous system disorders. Faden Quartz Crystal act as an etheric bandage fostering stability so a healing may occur on a deeper level.


Faden Quartz Crystal may be helpful for past life regression as it may provide an understanding of the connection of soul lessons and the root cause of dis-ease.

When used in distant healing, Faden Quartz Crystal provides and maintains the connection between the healer and the recipient.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Faden Quartz Crystal aligns the physical meridians and the nervous system. Faden Quartz Crystal balances all levels of being – physical, emotional, mental, and the etheric fields. Faden Quartz Crystal may be used to cleanse the aura and stimulate the opening of the chakras.

For Gaia Healing, the highly programmable Faden Quartz crystal may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to protect and balance unsteady regions.