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Elestial Smoky Quartz Crystal Tower #061014
Elestial Smoky Quartz Crystal Tower

Elestial Smoky Quartz Crystal Tower #061014

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Exotic, translucent, transparent smoky golden medium to dark brown etched terminations and peachy hued Elestial Smoky Quartz Crystal Tower from Madagascar, Africa.  Elestial Quartz has natural stepped pyramidal terminations, multiple parallel prismatic faces and numerous internal skeletal inclusions containing multi-colored clay minerals. Smoky Elestial quartz offers a powerful source of protection from negativity allowing one to reconnect to spirit while gently grounding them.

The vertical structure and shape of the tower is suggestive of the hierarchies between higher and lower, power and powerlessness. Are you feeling out of touch living in self absorbed isolation? Are you living in an ivory tower secluded from others? Is the tower your strength and protective fortress? Or is the tower creating emotional distance and a sense of discrimination with others? The tower gives one the courage to be open to different vistas with a far-seeing point-of-view; perhaps one of patience and endurance in solitude, which sometimes feels like imprisonment, a reminder that we are all just “doing time.” The tower supports the movement inward with introspective and creative musings allowing for reflection and study while patiently waiting for new visions. Obelisks and towers are instruments of Divine Timing – marking sacred space and time.

6.3oz/ 178g            2.4" x 1.4" x 2.2"/ 62mm x 37mm x 56mm          $125.00

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