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CHAKRAS: Throat, Third Eye, Heart


ZODIAC: Virgo, Sagittarius

CHARACTERISTICS: Transformation of negativity, Clarity, Intuition, and Integrity



ATTRIBUTES: Euclase has been called the “stone of happiness.” Euclase may stimulate happiness in one’s life through creative activity. Directed by reason, Euclase facilitates movement by following one’s heart truth, intuition and serendipity. Euclase seems to increase the frequency of synchronicities in one’s life, especially when one makes a commitment to live with a spiritual commitment. Euclase is a stone for inner clarity, strength, and straightforwardness. Euclase encourages one to “go for it” and achieve the ultimate goal. Euclase inspires integrity and pride in accomplishment. Euclase encourages learning, especially on a karmic level. Euclase helps one to understand karmic influences so that unwanted behaviors and lessons learned from past experiences are not repeated. Euclase helps one to access the Akashic records in order to further this understanding for themselves or others. Euclase transforms negative and dense thought forms. Euclase influences one to act without deception and to “clear the air” of hidden agendas and unhealthy agreements with others. Euclase is an excellent stone to enhance communication skills. The heart chakra is the place where both truth and compassion reside and these qualities are communicated through the throat chakra. Energetically connecting these chakras, Euclase fosters the ability to communicate one’s ideas, thoughts, feelings, and intuitive information.  Euclase stimulates the energies of the mind, and amplifies one’s powers of perception and psychic abilities. Euclase is an excellent tool for those who procrastinate because of its ability to alleviate feelings of confusion or being overwhelmed. This stone reminds one of connection linking the mind-body and assists one in making healthy choices for the care and feeding of one’s body.

HEALING: Euclase may be used to ease aches, pains of arthritis, muscle tension, and to heal minor cuts, scratches, bruises, muscular cramps, inflammation, and swelling. Euclase may also be used to ease constriction of the blood vessels and spasmatic conditions. It may also be used as an anti-bacterial  and antiseptic. Euclase helps to improve eyesight and vision. 
Euclase enhances mental processing and may be of assistance for those in mathematical fields. 

Euclase is an excellent stone for overcoming stuttering and other speech disorders.


In crystal body layouts or healing grids,  Euclase may be used to align energy fields and provide flowing energy through the meridians of the body.

For Gaia Healing, Euclase may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to help purify areas that have been subjected to heavy negativity or lower energy fields. Euclase facilitates the alignment of energies with the light frequencies of the Earth’s electromagnetic field.


The energy of Euclase combines well with Blue Topaz, Blue and Green Tourmalines, Apatite, Moldavite and Ajoite.