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Enhydro Crystal
CHAKRA(S): Crown

VIBRATION: Number 44

ZODIAC: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces 

ATTRIBUTES: The Enhydro crystal is a mineral which contains fluid which could be deposited to the host mineral like chalcedony, agate or quartz.  The fluid can be eons in age and is most likely "pure".  An Enhydro Crystal may help one to put oneself in the shoes of another, understanding the true feelings of that person. Enhydro crystal supports the emphatic state.  It contains a life sustaining energy, initiating adaptability in situations which could become stressful.  The Enhydro crystal assists in metamorphosis and continued change throughout all times.       

HEALING: It is useful to have an  Enhydro in healing, as it assists in bringing the body to the state of a specific condition that one is attempting to attain.  It is a strength to other minerals perform in the requisite manner.  It can be used to treat conditions related to the degraded integrity of tissue and/or organs.