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Dragonfly Totem


Dragonfly orb

Dragonfly represents joy, adaptation, and transformation. Dragonfly and damselfly are ancient winged creatures that evolved over 300 million years ago. Dragonfly inhabits the realms of water and air. In their youthful form, Dragonfly is found in the water environment as a nymph.  As the dragonfly matures, it literally flies into the air. Dragonflies are territorial and laying their eggs near the water. Dragonfly may represent individuals who have a youthful passion and emotional nature (water element) and with maturity will balance these feelings with self-control and clarity (air element.)  During periods of change, dragonfly brings messages of wisdom and enlightenment. Dragonfly also might mean a need for some fresh air to gain perspective on an emotional situation. Dragonfly energy may give one a new perspective or help enable one to make necessary changes. Dragonfly is symbolic of an approximate 2 year period of transformation. Dragonfly is very adaptable with summer being the most powerful season. Spending time outside in the sun and near the water is very beneficial for restoration and improving health conditions. The iridescence colorful shimmer from a dragonfly’s wings reminds one of rainbows, magical moments, and the connection with nature spirits. Dragonfly totem is associated with the power of light, magic, and mysticism. Dragonfly reminds one to manifest a life filled with colorful creativity and joy.