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Dendritic Agate

CHAKRAS: All Chakras
ZODIAC: Gemini
CHARACTERISTICS: Growth, Perseverance, and Abundance

ATTRIBUTES: Dendritic Agate is known as the stone of plentitude. Although slow working, Dendritic Agate may be a very effective crytal tool for creating abundance and fullness to all areas of life, including business and agriculture. Dendritic Agate is an emotional stabilizer, encouraging one to remain centered during times of confusion or when dealing with perceived obstacles. Dendritic Agate supports perseverance and the ability to experience difficulties as an opportunity for change. Dendritic Agate encourages one to remain connected with your roots as you grow from your challenging experiences. Dendritic Agate assists with keeping one grounded and in touch with the physical world. Dendritic Agate is a wonderful crystal tool for helping one to remain focused and move forward with realistic goals, so one does not stay stuck “living” merely in one’s dreams and mental thoughts. Dendritic Agate assists one with the understanding self-imposed limitations and behavior patterns that have created one’s experiences. Dendritic Agate assists one in overcoming the sources of guilt, resentment, blame, shame and other self-destructive emotions and tendencies. Dendritic Agate helps one keep a positive attitude while one is going through the process of transformation. Dendritic Agate reduces stress in difficult times and encourages a good natured attitude and acceptance of one’s circumstances. Dendritic Agate offers support and long-term energetic help in improving one’s circumstances.

HEALING: The energetic vibration of Dendritic Agate resonates with the physical branches of the body, such as blood vessels and nerves. Dendritic Agate may be helpful with the healing of the nervous system and conditions such as neuralgia. Dendritic Agate may reverse capillary degeneration and stimulates the circulatory system. Dendritic Agate may also be helpful in the treatment of skeletal disorders and energetically aligning the skeleton to one’s physical reality.




Dendritic Agate may be used to enhance the yield of crops or to maintain the health of house plants.


Dendritic Agate provides excellent energetic support for those seeking growth and wisdom through inner work. For those who are involved in therapy, rebirthing, part of a 12 step program, or deep inner spiritual work or meditation, Dendritic Agate facilitates the movement necessary to achieve the desired results and behavioral changes.


In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Dendritic Agate opens and aligns the chakras, enabling them to integrate higher consciousness. The subtle healing energies offered by Dendritic Agate facilitate healing of dis-ease caused by energy blockages and chakra imbalances. These stones help to reduce stress, overcome addictions and release outworn behavioral patterns. Dendritic Agate helps to balance energetic polarities allowing for a healing integration of all aspects of self.


For Gaia Healing, Dendritic Agate may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. Dendritic Agate creates a peaceful environment and has a strong connection with the plant kingdom. Use Dendritic Agate to enhance your connection with the plant kingdom. Dendritic Agate also stabilizes and centers the vortices within the Earth’s energy field.