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Crystals for the New Year 2018

Posted by Raven Crystals on 1/3/2018 to Crystal Healing Tools
Crystals for the New Year 2018

Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of a new year which provides a revitalizing, holistic opportunity for us to renew, reset, and recommit to ourselves, as we focus our intentions on becoming happier, healthier, balanced, and more connected to this little community we call Earth.

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Here are some crystal suggestions to energetically support your intentions not just for today but all year long and beyond!

Is your intention to create more harmony and balance in your life? 
Try some Amazonite


Known as a stone for harmony and peacemaking, the soothing vibration of Amazonite dissipates negative energy and tempers potential reactive responses in frustrating circumstances. Amazonite is balancing at the emotional and mental levels, energetically harmonizing and releasing one from thoughts of worry and fear. Amazonite identifies negative emotional patterning and limited thinking. Amazonite helps to move this stagnant energy into a positive flow and encourages creative thinking as you consciously craft a new reality for yourself. Amazonite facilitates clarity and the ability to see both sides of a situation resulting in understanding and communication of true thoughts and feelings. Amazonite also assists one in realizing how one’s words have created their current reality. Amazonite supports the change to one’s vocabulary and communication style to experience the positive healing of a heart truth based reality.  Amazonite gives one the courage to move forward in life and break co-dependent patterns. Amazonite is also helpful for those who have difficulty in setting appropriate boundaries. Amazonite helps one overcome the fear of confrontation and judgment and helps one to identify and set strong, clear boundaries on all levels – emotional, physical, and energetic. With the creation of these personal energetic boundaries, Amazonite supports self-discipline and the concept of one’s personal “space.” Amazonite is a stone of “right relationship,” assisting one in attaining and maintaining a personal balance in relationships either with self or with others.  


The perfect crystal for the new year…..Moonstone

The powerful, calming energies of Moonstone are balancing and strongly connected to the moon, feminine energies, and to the intuition. When adapting to changes in life, Moonstone’s energetic vibrations help one realize that “new beginnings” are milestones to be celebrated and embraced and are the result of a cycle that is coming to an end. Each cycle we complete moves us forward on the energetic spiral of transformation. With each cycle completed, wisdom, understanding, appreciation, and knowledge of self are increased. Moonstone facilitates reflection and release of past experiences. Moonstone energetically reminds one to gracefully acknowledge the cycles of “up and down/pull and release” and to go with the current of flow instead of struggling against it. Moonstone enhances the awareness and appreciation for Divine Timing. Moonstone illuminates an "understanding" of timing, people, places, resulting in the path one has chosen for this life/cycle. Moonstone enhances perception and discernment, enabling one to respond with patience and to make decisions which painlessly further one’s development, diminishes obstacles, and assists one in the total fulfillment of one’s destiny. Woohoo! Moonstone increases confidence levels and enhances the positive attributes of creativity and self-expression. Moonstone fosters tenderness and happiness within our be-ing, with others, and in our environment.

Manifesting love, prosperity and abundance?

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is a wonderful crystal tool for creating energies to attract love, prosperity and abundance into your life. Green tourmaline’s heart healing vibration enables the transformation of negative thoughts to positive intentions. Green Tourmaline's energetic vibrations help to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and a positive belief system. Green Tourmaline strengthens the intention of abundance and allows for the creation of new opportunities with amazing outcomes. Green Tourmaline supports a mindset of abundance allowing one to see and experience life with more TRUST and a long-term overall positive perspective. As a heart opener and healer, Green Tourmaline promotes feelings of compassion, tenderness, patience and a sense of belonging. The physical striations along the sides of the tourmaline crystals enhance and direct energy flow forward into positive 
manifestation and acceptance of an abundant lifestyle.