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Crystals and suggestions for manifesting Abundance in your life

Posted by Raven Crystals on 4/21/2017 to Crystal Healing Tools
Crystals and suggestions for manifesting Abundance in your life

Abundance may be described by the quality and quantity of things in your life that make you feel satisfied and fulfilled such as material wealth, possessions, love, well-being, peace, and contentment. The word abundance comes from the Latin “abundantia,” meaning "fullness, plenty." Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. A scarcity mentality implies there is a lack in life and that opportunities are few and far between. Scarcity mentality and negative thinking may create a lot of worry and unnecessary fear, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, and low self-worth. Negative and limited thinking energetically projects future failure and creates self-imposed obstacles on your path to success. What you energetically focus on, you will see reflected in your world. To attract abundance into your life focus on what you do have, rather than what is lacking. An attitude of gratitude and a positive belief system helps with the energetic flow of manifestation while strengthening the intention of abundance and allows for the creation of new opportunities with amazing outcomes. The positive mindset of abundance allows you to see and experience life with more of a trusting and long-term overall perspective. It’s not so much about the race but the journey. There is enough time. There are enough resources. Cultivating feelings of abundance supports an intuitive sense of knowing and trust that there is and always will be ENOUGH. Appreciate and enjoy the experience along the way while savoring the little things in your life. Remind yourself on a daily basis of your abundance and express gratitude for the blessings in your life. Being thankful for what you already possess allows your energy to flow forward into positive manifestation and acceptance of an abundant lifestyle.

Here are some suggestions for attracting abundance in your life: 

Increase the positive – Keep your thoughts and conversations positive, supportive, and FUN! Spend quality time with uplifting friends and family.
Limit negative conversations about impossibilities, problems and financial problems. Avoid negative thinking people, unproductive situations, gossip, and energy sucking drama.
Be selective with what you put into your mind. Cut down on TV, news, and media consumption. Pick up a good book to read or better yet go outside and enjoy nature.
Meditate to attract abundance. Allow yourself some quiet moments to relax and clear your mind of stress and worries. Visualize what you would like to attract and experience in your life.
Get arty with your intentions - Create a vision board, write down a specific goal orientated plan to create your intentions, keep a gratitude journal.

Crystal healing suggestions to help create Abundance in lifeRubyCitrineCarnelianGreen TourmalineGarnetRubelliteSunstone, and Emerald