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Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are excellent healing tools facilitating chakra balancing, emotional healing, and spiritual development. Crystal wands are energetically cleansing, protective, and may stimulate and activate the human energy field.

Healing Tools

Since ancient times crystal wands, crystal spheres, and pendulums, have been used as a tools for connection, communication, divination, dowsing, and holistic healing. The vibration and resonance of each crystal tool has a different energetic effect.

Pendulum Usage

A pendulum is an ancient divination or dowsing tool helpful in bringing information from the subconscious to conscious awareness. A pendulum may be used as a tool to gain insight by asking specific questions.

Scepter Quartz

Legend has it that Scepter Quartz Crystals were used as a symbol of spiritual authority and power of the realm in ancient Atlantis and Lemuria. Scepter Quartz Crystals have reemerged to bring crystal power to the present day.

Self-Healed Crystal

A self-healed crystal is a crystal that has many small terminations where it was broken above its base and then has healed the break by laying down fresh crystals.

Time Link (Activator)

Time Link crystal configurations may be found in two forms, right and left. From the unique helical atomic structure of Quartz, a small parallelogram forms a window that inclines to either right or left.

Window Crystals

Window quartz crystal is recognized by the presence of a large diamond-shaped "window" located in the center front of the crystal