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Crystal Grids and Layouts

Crystal Healing Grid
Crystal Healing Grids

Minerals and Crystals found in the Earth are connected energetically by an inter-dimensional grid. These energies of the mineral kingdom are “universal energies” allowing the transmittal of energies from one crystal to another. Even when these crystals and minerals are removed physically from the Earth, they retain an ethereal connection to the crystals and minerals still part of Earth’s body. The polarity of human beings, animals, and natural structures mirrors Earth’s inter-dimensional crystal energy grid. A crystal healing grid is a layout of specifically chosen crystals intentionally placed on the body or arranged in a physical location. They may be placed anywhere on or around the body or arranged over the chakras. This laying of stones facilitates healing on all levels: strengthening the connection and creating an alignment between the etheric body and the physical form – an energy transfer facilitating flow and changes in polarity. Facilitate healing, meditationastral travelmanifestationdivination and soul support with our collection of unique Crystal Healing Grids.