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Lucite Butterfly Totem Bead #021717
Lucite Butterfly Bead

Lucite Butterfly Totem Bead #021717

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Beautiful colorful vintage Lucite Butterfly beads. Butterfly is the symbol of the soul, bliss, color and joy. Representing the element of air, the Butterfly gently teaches about change and transformation. Butterfly totem relates to the wisdom of life cycles. When the Butterfly appears in your life, it reminds one to pay attention to one's priorities and if necessary gently act on what needs to be changed. The key is to start where you are and with what you have, Butterfly will show you the next right step. Butterfly helps to clarify mental thoughts and helps to intuitively follow a successful path. Butterflies navigate by the sun; Follow their example and direct your life towards experiences that bring you vitality and joy. 

.1oz/ 3g         .8" x .1"/ 20mm x 4mm         1 piece    $1.00

Information on Butterfly Totem 

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