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Ceramic Rabbit Totem Bead #040417
Ceramic Rabbit Totem Bead

Ceramic Rabbit Totem Bead #040417

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This cute little pink ceramic rabbit totem bead is perfect for your talisman bag or jewelry project. Rabbit (hare) totem in Chinese astrology is considered to be very fortunate imbuing one with a sense of ethical ambition. The rabbit is also known for its ability to procreate, quickness, and its ability to make great leaps forward.  Rabbit is a totem of sexuality and fertility. Rabbit will help you align, as well as, recognize the monthly or shorter term cycles in your life. Rabbit helps one see and experience the signs of the ebb and flow of the currents/tides in your life. By recognizing these signs, you may become more fertile and abundant in your life. 

     .1oz+ / 4g+             .7"+ / 19mm+          1 bead    $2.50 

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