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Celebrate the Winter Solstice with Crystals

Posted by Raven Crystals on 12/21/2018 to Crystal Healing Tools
Celebrate the Winter Solstice with Crystals

The sun's westerly motion never ceases as the Earth is continually in rotation. However, the sun's motion in declination comes to a stop at the moment of solstice. Coming from two Latin words, solstice means "sun-standing." Let’s use this celestial pause and manifest with the shift in energies. What do you want to change in your life? Use the energies of the Solstice as an opportunity to move forward positively in your life.

Winter Solstice

This is a special winter solstice sharing the solar energies with a December full moon, the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter, and a night sky show featuring the Ursid meteor shower. These combined events and energies at the Solstice provide a holistic opportunity for us to take an objective and reflective look at our lives, belief systems, actions, and our intentions as we transform into a happier, healthier, and a more connected member of this little community we call Earth.

Winter Solstice

Flowing with the energetic cycles of the December Full Moon, also known as, the Long Night or Cold Moon, we have the chance to take a really big pause and energetically focus our attention on ourselves and the relationships in our lives. The moon will appear full both Friday and Saturday nights. The December Solstice Full Moon emphasizes the relationship dynamics present (or lacking) between partners, home life and work, friends and family, self and others, etc. What is wonderful and shining in your life? What areas of your relationships are shadowy? By taking a moment to reflect, you may gain an understanding of what may be causing an imbalance and then let go of the emotional baggage that may be perpetuating disharmony in your life.

Rainbow moonstone

My crystal suggestion for energetic support and reflective introspection is Rainbow Moonstone. Rainbow Moonstone supports cycles on all levels and allows for the flow of information in life and experience opening one up to divine timing. Rainbow Moonstone is a helpful crystal tool for deciphering the symbols and illuminating the synchronicities and signs present in your daily life. Rainbow Moonstone offers the understanding of the concept of perpetual movement and energetic relationships as they “unfold” according to the bigger plan.

Space RocksBusy, busy sky show….glancing up sometime before sunrise on Friday, you might be able to see what looks like a near (hundreds of millions of miles apart) collision in space between the planets Mercury and Jupiter. AND According to the American Meteor Society, the Ursid Meteor shower should be visible and putting on quite a sky show in the mid-Northern Hemisphere.  
Space Rocks such as Meteorites and Tektites, offer insight and crystalline energetic support for unexpected “out of the blue” moments; head spinning, ear ringing, divinely timed, life changing events, and their impact on choices made along the way.  Metaphorically, a meteorite hurling through space on an energized trajectory, surviving the fall through the atmosphere, landing the impact zone, and completing the journey with the transformation into new material, seems to perfectly describe some of the intense energies of this time. Buckle up baby ~ it is gonna be an awesome ride!

It's Winter Time!!!

Winter time
Depending who you are, the winter season may feel like a blessing or a curse with any and all weather analogies applicable in describing your energetic state of being.  Less daylight. How depressing. Cooler, cold, to frigid temperatures and snowstorms. Brrrrrrr. All cozied up drinking hot chocolate by the fire. Comfy. Outdoor activities involving snow ~ from shoveling, skiing, trekking up a mountain. Get out, get moving, and enjoy! 

 Mt Baldy Summit
The Solstice creates a pause to appreciate and reflect on the cycles of life as we shift into the winter season. Some things to consider at this time are feelings of abundance, resources, patience and perseverance, clarity of goals and planning for the path forward.
Smoky Quartz

My crystal suggestion for energetic support (especially during the holidays) and seasonal activities is Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz offers an energetic focus for staying in the present moment and cultivates joyful energetic vibrations helping to “lighten the load” when responsibilities and situations seem a bit overwhelming. Smoky quartz may be helpful in releasing feelings of depression and anxiety, letting go of fears and built up tension, and up-cycling the negativity into a positive energetic and encouraging outlook. In my experience, I find it is very beneficial to slooooowwww it all down when things appear to be happening too quickly, or I feel unprepared, or powerless to deal with circumstances seemingly out of my control. Take a few moments, sit with some smoky quartz, and relax.

It is all going to be okay.

Crystals for travel

Are you traveling for the holidays? Headed to visit family, seeking different weather conditions, or adventure?  Planes, trains, automobiles, or however you hit the road, wherever you go, you’ll be out of your comfort “home” zone and ripe for new experiences. For many reasons, especially during the holidays, travel can be challenging, forcing you to deal with all sorts of situations: unplanned delays, overcoming the fear of the unknown, putting yourself out there, feelings of isolation and frustration, dealing with the environment and inclement weather, and just plain exhaustion from constantly being on the go. For more information and crystal suggestions for traveling ~ please check out my blog.

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