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Cathedral Quartz


Cathedral Quartz

Cathedral Quartz is also known as Lightbrary Quartz Crystal. Cathedral Quartz crystal is a variety of milky white to colorless quartz that is named for the way it forms as a crystal. Multiple crystal terminations grow parallel along the sides of the body of a main crystal reminding one of turrets fortifying a castle wall or as part of cathedral architecture. Cathedral Quartz is thought of as a “cosmic computer” or “light library” holding the records of existence for all beings. Cathedral quartz makes a powerful crystal for meditation and for access to the Akashic records. Cathedral quartz aligns one with the energies of the universal mind raising and acts as a receptor and transmitter for collective thought. It is believed that Cathedral Quartz makes itself known every two thousand years to aid in the spiritual evolution of consciousness by raising thoughts to a higher vibration. 

Cathedral quartz may help one to develop clairvoyant and psychic abilities. Cathedral quartz is an effective crystal tool for those wanting to create a connection with the physical being while developing multidimensional awareness and exploring the angelic realms, the subtle energy fields, and astral traveling.

Cathedral Quartz are also very helpful when working with and connecting to the vibration of other crystals. Cathedral Quartz create an energetic link with other crystals allowing for crystalline information to be “downloaded” so the knowledge may be examined and the guidance may be shared with all others. Cathedral quartz facilitates harmonious learning in group settings and allows for cooperative growth.