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CHAKRA(S):  Throat, Third Eye, Crown, & Etheric


  ZODIAC: Virgo

ATTRIBUTES: Creedite is a beautiful mineral that crystallizes in white, colorless, orange, pink and sometimes purple crystals. Some of the best specimens are found in Mexico. Creedite enhances spirituality and is a crystal tool that may be used in channeling, meditation, and out-of-body experiences. Creedite may help one to gain access to the Akashic records. It may also provide for clarity and understanding of messages from spirit guides and interpreting oracles. Creedite is a stone of the Light of the Angelic Realm and may assist to manifest Light and resonate with clearly transmitted messages. Creedite connects to the Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras, aligns all higher chakras. Creedite stimulates and may be the energetic driving force towards a goal and promotes insight and wisdom to circumvent obstructions and overcome any obstacles. Creedite resonates with a cleansing frequency that may aid one in connecting with one's highest guides and recovering memories of other lifetimes, cultures and technologies. Creedite clears the aura of any debris and increases the base resonant frequency of the energetic field. This infusion of Light affects different aspects of the physical and energetic bodies depending upon the color and formation of the Creedite crystals. Purple Creedite crystals are the strongest for attaining spiritual information through meditative discourse with one's guides, angels and Higher Self. White or colorless Creedite crystals may stimulate the entire energetic field and assists the physical body in shifting its base resonant frequency to a higher vibration. Orange Creedite stimulates creative vision and are excellent crystal tools for raising the vibration of work spaces. 

HEALING: Creedite may facilitate healing and mending fractures, broken bones, torn muscles and ligaments. Creedite may be used to aid in the assimilation of Vitamins A, E, and B, and can help to cleanse the liver, and to regulate the heartbeat.