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Crash Site Debris

CHAKRA(S): Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown, and Heart 

VIBRATION: Number 6 and 8 

ELEMENT: Fire and Earth 

CHARACTERISTICS: Travel, spiritual awakening, inter dimension and extraterrestrial communication 

ZODIAC: All Signs 

ATTRIBUTES: Crash site debris are deposit specimens of dark green glassy volcanic-like porous rock with sedimentary grains of sand and rock fragments caused from a meteorite impact on land. Crash site debris is an excellent example of the type of “shock” metamorphism that occurs at meteorite impact sites with the melting and structural change of the local bed rock and meteorite strewn field.

Crash site debris represent the energy of other worlds and allows for the access of this special energy to the user.  Crash Site Debris enhances mental and physical activities. Crash site debris with its transforming and sustaining vibration balances and aligns the energetic fields of the body supporting higher levels of endurance and physical survival, as well as, fostering intuitive “the right action” responses in emergency situations.

Crash site debris may provide a channel for communication with ETs and information on advanced technologies and healing modalities. Crash site debris enhances communication on this plane and may provide access to stored internal information relevant to one’s needs.  Crash site debris emits a trusting energy allowing one to be open to the exchanges of confidence and new ideas.

Crash site debris facilitates travel whether it be physical journeying or non-physical time travel. It has been said that Crash site debris opens a dimensional portal.

HEALING: Crash site debris may be used in the treatment of blood issues such as anemia and leukemia. Crash site debris may be helpful in the balance of brain wave activity. Crash Site debris may be used to assist one in understanding the physical body so that the body becomes one with the spirit. Crash site debris offers strength and hope in the face of a long struggle or physical ailment.