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Black Coral

CHAKRA(S): Heart - Pink, Root - Black, Red, Throat & Third Eye - Blue, All - White 

VIBRATION: Master Number 22 

ZODIAC: Pisces - Elemental  

ATTRIBUTES: Coral comes from the sea with a wide color range including black, red, pink, blue and white. Coral represents diplomacy and is said to quiet the emotions and brings peace within.  Coral helps to both understand and use the qualities of the mystic, as it facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization.  Coral connects to past spiritual masters and expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge. In addition, Coral has the qualities of Shell:  Shell provides the home to many small sea creatures. Shell appears in many forms and is said to contain the energies of the god of the sea. Shell may be used to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability.  Shell enhances mental clarity, provides insight on which option is the correct choice during periods of decision-making. Coral promotes cooperation and is an excellent source for cohesive group energy.  The Abalone Shell has been used to enhance smudging activities and throughout the world as ancient tribes revered it as a magical gift from the sea. Coral stimulates the richness of the mental state and energetically provides protection from uncooperative attitudes/actions. 

HEALING: Coral may be used to strengthen both the circulatory system and the bones of the body.  Coral may be used to stimulate tissue regeneration and has been used to nourish the blood cells. Coral may be considered for the treatment of disorders of the spinal canal, the alimentary canal, the nervous system, and the thalamus.  


VIBRATION: Master Number 33          ZODIAC: Capricorn and Scorpio

Black Coral absorbs and transforms negativity when worn, carried, taken as an elixir or placed in ones environment.  Black Coral elevates creative forces and imparts tranquility, dispels fear of darkness and expedites meditative states eliminating problems.  Black Coral is the "stone of regeneration and purification," used in the treatment of disorders related to internal organs, to the skin and the pores, and to the elimination of toxins. 

BLUE CORAL:   VIBRATION: Number 8    ZODIAC: Sagittarius and Aquarius

Blue Coral activates and energizes the Throat Chakra and acts as a clearing agent for the Navel Chakra and has been used to illuminate the Third-Eye Chakra, enhancing psychic awareness.  Blue Coral may be used to facilitate permanence and improve the pursuits of commerce.  Blue Coral aids and facilitates communicative abilities and relating with others.  Blue Coral has been used in the treatment of throat ailments, for cleaning and purging the mucoid system and has been used to ameliorate disorders and to enhance remediation of the liver, the pituitary gland, the pineal gland, and the circulatory gland. 

HORN CORAL:        VIBRATION:  Number 5 and 6          ZODIAC: Aquarius

Also known as Dragon Tooth Coral, Horn Coral occurs in the shape of a horn and/or as a large tooth.  Horn Coral may be used to increase one’s knowledge of ancient civilizations and the animal kingdom.  Horn Coral may be used to assist one in finding and maintaining contact with one’s spirit and totem animal.  Horn Coral provides information regarding ones safety and security in all situations.  Horn Coral may be used in the treatment of hearing disorders, prevention of the degeneration of the bone structure and muscular disorders, and carpel tunnel syndrome. 

PINK CORAL:        VIBRATION:  Number 9          ZODIAC: Cancer

Pink Coral fosters continuity, activity and structure. Pink Coral stimulates sensitivity to one’s emotions and physical condition.  Pink Coral stimulates and activates the Heart Chakra and enhances the intuitive aspects of love. Pink Coral fosters compassion and actions with a caring manner connected with the bonds of love.  Pink Coral has been used in the treatment of the disorders of the heart, breasts, stomach and reproductive organs. 

RED CORAL:        VIBRATION:  Number 4          ZODIAC: Libra

Red Coral helps one to be in harmony with the natural forces of the universe and with the wilderness. Red Coral aligns one with the source of all wisdom.  Red Coral opens and activates the Base/Root Chakra, stimulating the energetic pursuits.  Red Coral may be used for protection against depression and despondency.  Red Coral has been used in the treatment of hiccups, colic, heartburn and used to stimulate the metabolic processes. Red Coral may be used in the treatment of disorders of the cellular structure of the kidneys, bladder and the parathyroid. 

WHITE CORAL:        VIBRATION:  Number 6          ZODIAC: Pisces

White Coral may be used to open and clear the Crown Chakra and to align the major chakras of the body with the energies of the ethereal plane.  White Coral provides connection with the ethereal plane, stimulating the energy flow to both dissipate energy blockages in the physical body and fill any voids in one’s aura.  White Coral stimulates clairaudient abilities, bringing forth information beneficial to assist humanity.  White Coral has been used to facilitate renewal of the cellular structure of the brain and olfactory structure.