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ZODIAC: Taurus and Sagittarius

CHARACTERISTICS: Magnifies healing energies and connection


SCIENTIFIC:  Copper is an opaque, reddish orange to brown colored metallic naturally occurring native element. Copper will color to a natural patina (greenish) finish caused by oxidation from exposure to soil, water, air and elements of nature. Copper has been used, since man’s early history, as a material for tool-making, decorative objects and in jewelry. It is said that Neolithic people started to use copper in place of stone around 8000 BC. Early metal workers forged copper with tin and created Bronze. According to legend, Copper is said to be the metal of the God Hermes who facilitates mental agility. The name Copper comes from the Latin word “aes Cyprium” meaning metal of Cyprus. Malleable Copper has a hardness rated at 2.5 to 3 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. Copper is found in Bolivia, Russia, England, Australia, Germany, and in the United States – Arizona and Michigan.

ATTRIBUTES:  Copper is an excellent energy conductor and channeling tool as it stimulates electricity and mystical subtle energies from the higher planes. Copper is said to enhance thoughts and healing energies. Copper facilitates the conductivity and transmittal of electrical impulses and brain wave patterns while magnifying healing energies from one source to another. Copper stimulates initiative and experimentation, optimism, diplomacy, and independence. Copper combats feelings of lethargy, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and non-acceptance of oneself through supportive energetic vibrations while helping with the release of self-imposed restrictions. 

HEALING:  Copper maybe helpful in the formation of tissues and repair to the physical body after injury or trauma. Copper has been used in the treatment of arthritis especially with the usage of copper bracelets and jewelry. Copper is said to help ameliorate the pain of broken bones. Copper may be helpful in strengthening the delivery of oxygen to the blood and throughout the respiratory system. Copper may be helpful for women and the female reproductive system.


With its empowering and motivating vibration, Copper is a great crystal tool for runners as it provides a charge of energy when the energy levels are depleted.

Copper placed in crystal grids or wired wrapped around a crystal provides energetic enhancement. 

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Copper activates and provides a harmonic connection and alignment between the physical and astral bodies. 

For Gaia Healing, Copper may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to be used in policy making providing insight to heart truth and amplifying and transmitting these thoughts for the betterment of all beings. Copper supports elemental teachings and how to achieve balance with the Earth and the living systems and beings found on the planet. 

The energy of Copper combines well with all crystals and enhances all crystalline vibrations.