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CHAKRA(S): Third Eye and Heart

VIBRATION: Number 8 and Master Number 55

ZODIAC: Taurus

CHARACTERISTICS: Honesty, Release, Telepathic Endeavors, and Knowledge


ATTRIBUTES: Chrysotile, also known as Chrysotile, crystallizes in the form of flexible separating delicate fibers and the colors include green-white, olive-green, green, green-black, yellow, brown, brown-yellow, brown-red and white. Banded Chrysotile may be used as a divination tool; the visual patterns may provide a link to ancient knowledge and access to one's power animal. Chrysotile has been used in telepathic endeavors both sending and receiving messages, and may be used to bring a bonding action between two beings. Chrysotile fosters honesty and sincerity both in actions and thoughts. The energy of Chrysotile assists one in finding their "true self" by clearing away blockages and adds a vibration of resourcefulness. Chrysotile may assist one to release the need for control over others while creating a sense of control in one’s own life. 

HEALING: Chrysotile may be used in the treatment of disorders of the veins and arteries, the pores of the skin (i.e., inflammations and abrasions), lung disorders including emphysema and irritations, precipitating coughs, multiple sclerosis, tissue regeneration and chronic fatigue. Due to asbestos content, do not prepare mineral via the normal method.


Chrysotile is an excellent stone for supporting honesty and sincerity with the energy of resourcefulness and integrity.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Chrysotile is an excellent tool for accessing and connecting with your power animal.

For Gaia Healing, Chrysotile may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy. It is a useful stone for crystal grids, as Chrysotile facilitates the knowledge and acceptance that each event that occurs is Divine timing and always for the highest good.