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CHAKRA(S): Crown and Solar Plexus



ATTRIBUTES: Chrysoberyl crystallizes into hexagonal-type and tabular form crystals and occasionally occurs in the form of a six-ray star configuration comprised of three individual crystals.  Chrysoberyl comes in shades of honey, green, red and yellow.   Chrysoberyl’s healing vibrations promotes feelings of compassion, forgiveness, and generosity. Chrysoberyl connects, activates, opens and aligns the Solar Plexus and the Crown Chakras, incorporating the mind into spiritual endeavor and increasing spirituality and personal power. Chrysoberyl is a stone of new beginnings, making it an excellent crystal tool for creativity. Chrysoberyl strengthens will power, self-worth and releases outgrown energy patterns. Chrysoberyl is helpful when dealing with stressful life situations. Chrysoberly helps one to see both sides of a problem or situation and use strategic planning for an equitable solution.  Chrysoberyl promotes the feeling of peace within the physical and intellectual bodies and allows one to forgive friends or family members whom may have performed injustice; an excellent stone in stabilizing relationships.    

HEALING: Chrysoberyl when combined with other minerals tends to enhance the energy transmittal from the other stones. Chrysoberyl facilitates permanence in physical healing by understanding and integrating the reasons behind the disorder highlighting the cause of dis-ease.  Chrysoberyl supports self-healing, balances adrenaline and cholesterol, fortifies the chest and liver. Chrysoberyl may aid the organs of elimination, increase the resistance to toxins and pollutants, and support the healing of disorders of the liver, pancreas and kidneys. 

ALEXANDRITE:  opens intuition and metaphysical abilities. Alexandrite supports and strengthens will power and increases personal magnetism.  Alexandrite is a regenerative energy building self-respect and supporting the rebirth of the inner and outer self.  Alexandrite centers, reinforces, and realigns the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  Alexandrite brings joy, expands creativity, enhances manifestation, and stimulates imagery including dreams. In healing, Alexandrite aids the nervous system, spleen, pancreas and male reproductive organs and may be helpful in the regeneration of neurological tissue.  Alexandrite may be helpful in the treatment of non-assimilation of protein, may help to alleviate the side effects of leukemia, and relieve tension from neck muscles, as well as, may helpful with liver detoxification. 

CAT’S EYE: is a grounding stone and stimulates the intuition.  Cat’s Eye provides protection and dispels negative energy that may be entering the aura. Cat’s Eye creates confidence, happiness, serenity, and good luck.  Cat's Eye may be helpful in the treatment of the eye and improving night vision.  Cat’s Eye may relieve headaches and facial pain.

CYMOPHANE: is a form of Cat's Eye that stimulates and stabilizes the intellect and supports flexibility of mind.  Cymophane enhances unconditional love.  In healing, Cymophane has been useful in the treatment of intestinal disorders, heart irregularities and night-blindness. Cymophane may provide relief from feminine discomforts.