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 CHAKRA(S): Navel / Sacral 

VIBRATION: Number 9 

ZODIAC: Sagittarius and Cancer 

CHARACTERISTICS: Enhanced Communication, Balancing, and Nurturing

SCIENTIFIC:  A silicon dioxide mineral, Chalcedony is composed of pigmented submicroscopic crystalline form of quartz and minerals. Chalcedony occurs in a variety of crystalline formations such as the interior lining of geodes, or as botryoidal, stalactitic, or irregular shaped mineral aggregates. Chalcedony’s hardness is rated at 7 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness. Chalcedony color and patterns range widely dependent on the source location of the mineral deposit. The name Chalcedony is said to have originated from the Greek city of Chalcedon. Chalcedony is transparent to opaque with a vitreous, waxy, or dull luster. Chalcedony that has a distinct banding is referred to as Agate. Chalcedony is found throughout the world with notable deposits in Madagascar, India, Brazil, and Turkey. 

ATTRIBUTES: Chalcedony provides a pathway for receiving thought transmissions, telepathy and useful for balancing the energy of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Chalcedony is a wonderful crystal tool encouraging a sense of community and enhances goodwill and generosity. Chalcedony has a nurturing and balancing energy alleviating hostility, irritability and melancholy. Chalcedony absorbs negative energy and dissipates it to prevent onward transmissions. Some of the many types of Chalcedony includes: Agate, Bloodstone, Chrysoprase, Carnelian, Flint, Jasper, Onyx, Sardonyx, and Petrified Wood. 

HEALING: Chalcedony may be used to improve assimilation of minerals and to help combat build-up of materials in the veins. Chalcedony is said to cure varying forms of dementia, to rectify senility, to increase mental stability and physical energy. Chalcedony balances the physical body, as well as, the emotions, mind, and spirit. Chalcedony may be helpful in healing the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood and circulatory system.   

BLUE CHALCEDONY is a creative stone. Blue Chalcedony is supportive for the throat and third-eye chakras. Blue Chalcedony opens the mind to assimilate new ideas and helps acceptance of new situations. Blue Chalcedony imparts mental flexibility and verbal dexterity, enhancing listening skills and communication. Blue Chalcedony stimulates the ability to learn new languages, improves memory, and improves self-perception and the ability to look forward optimistically. Blue Chalcedony was traditionally used in weather magic and for clearing illnesses associated with changes in the weather. Blue Chalcedony is a wonderful crystal tool to restore feelings of calmness and balance. Blue Chalcedony enhances the immune system, aids regeneration of mucus membranes and ameliorates dis-eases caused by weather pressure, such as glaucoma. In healing, Blue Chalcedony stimulates the flow of lymph and banishes edema, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and lowers temperature and blood pressure. Blue Chalcedony heals the lungs and clears the respiratory systems of the effects of smoking. 

DENDRITIC CHALCEDONY promotes clear and precise thought. Dendritic Chalcedony is useful when you are under pressure or attacks as it facilitates calm communication while remaining relaxed. Dendritic Chalcedony encourages living in the moment, promotes tolerant interaction, helps in processing memories, brings joy to life and helps to face up to unpleasant matters. In healing, Dendritic Chalcedony is useful for chronic illness and problems associated with smoking, strengthening the immune system. Dendritic Chalcedony enhances the assimilation of copper into the body, detoxifies the liver, removes inflammations of the female sexual organs, and treats thrush. 

PINK CHALCEDONY encourages kindness and all good qualities. Pink Chalcedony brings out a sense of childlike wonder and willingness to learn new things. Pink Chalcedony encourages storytelling as a form of creativity. Pink Chalcedony is a spiritual stone that encourages empathy and inner peace. Pink Chalcedony creates a deep sense of trust. In healing, Pink Chalcedony is useful for treating psychosomatic dis-eases. Pink Chalcedony fortifies the heart and supports the immune system. Pink Chalcedony eases breastfeeding problems and the flow of lymphatic fluids. 

RED CHALCEDONY bestows strength and persistence in reaching goals. Red Chalcedony advises when to fight and when to give in gracefully. A confident stone, Red Chalcedony helps to manifest dreams, devising strategies to bring these into being in the most positive way. As a healing stone, Red Chalcedony stimulates circulation without raising blood pressure and encourages clotting of the blood. Red Chalcedony reduces hunger pangs but should not be used for long periods, as it may inhibit the absorption of nutrients and may cause temporary nausea. 

PURPLE CHALCEDONY aids in the development of personal integrity and enhances generosity.  Purple Chalcedony replaces self-centered behaviors with benevolent actions prompted by spirit. Purple Chalcedony connects one to their innate psychic abilities for clairvoyance, channeling, and a sense of intuitive knowledge. Purple Chalcedony makes a wonderful crystal tool for dream work and shamanic journeying. As a healing stone, Purple Chalcedony is stimulating to the nervous system and helps to activate healing of brain damage, relieves neuroses, and inflammation of the nerves and eyes.