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  CHAKRAS:  Third Eye, Crown, and  Solar Plexus


ZODIAC: Sagittarius

 CHARACTERISTICS: Spiritual connection, uplifting, and regeneration


ATTRIBUTES: Cacoxenite is often found as an inclusion of gold or brown colored rutile-like threads in Quartz or Amethyst. Cacoxenite is known as "stone of ascension," as it may help to raise energetic vibrations and promote one’s spiritual growth while deepening meditation practices. Cacoxenite aligns the physical and spiritual realms with the soul’s purpose and personal will power. Stimulating the crown chakra, Cacoxenite allows the mind to open to new ideas and enhances dream work. Cacoxenite is a stone of positivity, bringing rainbows to one's life, allowing to see the beneficial aspect of all events and conditions while releasing perceived limitations and restrictions. Using Cacoxenite during meditation may stimulate the awareness of one’s existence and may awaken memories of one’s past life. Cacoxenite helps one understand and release negative attachments so they may move forward on their spiritual path and led a productive and positive lifestyle free from stress.  


HEALING: Cacoxenite may be helpful in the treatment of cellular disorders, hormonal issues, and as a stress reducer. Helping to stop the aging process, the energy of Cacoxenite appears to have a cytophylactic (protection of cells) effect upon the body and may be used to increase the renewal and reprogramming of cellular health.  



Cacoxenite may be used in household grids to help prevent unwanted visitors and intrusion from others.  

Cacoxenite may be a helpful crystal tool for those interested in visionary experiences, astral travel, and interdimensional communication. 

Cacoxenite may be a helpful crystal tool for those interested in connecting with their spirit guides or guardian angels.

In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Cacoxenite is a wonderful holistic crystal tool as it supports the integration and understanding of the connection between the emotions, body, mind, spirit for a healthy body. Cacoxenite may be helpful for the cutting of emotional or negative “cords.”

For Gaia Healing, Cacoxenite may be used in world meditations and during the full and new moons to increase spiritual awareness and transfer healing to the Earth.  Cacoxenite provides a loving and ethereal energetic connection between all of the universe.   

The energy of Cacoxenite harmonizes well with the high energies of Moldavite, Phenacite, Azeztulite, and Scolecite. Other crystals and minerals that enhance the healing powers of Cacoxenite are Silver, Brookite, Sugilite, and Seraphinite.