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Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster #230619
Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster

Orange River Quartz Crystal Cluster #230619

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Natural brick red brown colored Orange River Quartz Cluster from the Orange River basin area, South Africa.  This plate shaped Orange River Quartz Cluster get its stunning natural dark red color from inclusions of hematite and other trace minerals originating from the local river basin environment and thermal areas. This Orange River Quartz cluster amplifies energy vibrations in all directions and would be a helpful crystal tool for spiritual development, group work, and healing. Orange River Quartz cluster may enhance the feelings of harmony and facilitate group dynamics offering energetic connection with the participants and the understanding of all represented points of view. Orange River Quartz cluster offers protection and purification in environments while energetically supporting cooperation, friendship, and intimacy in relationships, in the family, and in other social and/or business environments. Plate crystal clusters support the acknowledgement of sudden (think of a volcanic eruption – explosive!) change. The hematite in this Orange River Cluster offers protection and grounding energies that may help to balance this “surprise” energy. The matrix holding the hematite tips of this Orange River Quartz cluster together gives one the understanding that your decisions control the trajectory of your life and influences the energy of the collective whole. A crystal tool for manifestation, Orange River Quartz resonates and attracts the vibrations of love, successful business enterprise, and abundance into your life. This Orange River Quartz plate cluster configuration may serve as an energetic reminder that there are a lot options available with different directions to point your intentions. You get to choose! Choose JOY! Orange River Quartz is a highly energetic crystal that helps to restore vitality levels back into your life, nurturing and supporting all levels of being. Orange River Quartz resonates with the elemental energies found with rivers and streams representing creation, going with the flow, movement, and purification. Orange River Quartz Crystal adds zest to life and is an excellent crystal tool for recharging the base and sacral chakras.

In healing, Orange River Quartz Crystal may be helpful to clear and realign the meridians of the body encouraging energy flow, stimulate the immune system, and increase levels of vitality. Orange River Quartz with its hematite content may energetically support healthy blood flow and liver and spleen functions. 

        13.2oz/ 374g                 4.3" x 3.1" x 1.3"/ 110mm x 79mm x 33mm                   $50.00 

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