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Blue Quartz Tumbled Stones
Blue Quartz Tumbled Stone

Blue Quartz Tumbled Stones

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Peaceful and cooling Blue Quartz tumble stones from Brazil. With its harmonizing and calming energies, Blue Quartz crystal may assist and motivate one to reaching out to others for comfort and support resulting in the lessening of fear. Blue quartz crystals inhibit the energies of fear and promote the attitude of “the sky is the limit.” Blue Quartz aids in a better understanding of your spiritual nature and inspires hope. Blue Quartz Crystals correspond to the feelings of complete calm, loyalty, and a deepening of emotional states. Blue quartz crystals, vibrate with the color of the spirit, supporting a path of integrity filled with faith, steadfastness, and purpose.

In healing, Blue Quartz is beneficial for the organs in the upper body, purifies the bloodstream and strengthens the immune system. In color healing, the vibrations of the blue color ray are said to be antiseptic and may help to rid the physical body of infections. Soothing to the nervous system, blue quartz crystals may be helpful in reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Physically, the color blue supports the healing of skin irritations, jaundice, reduces inflammation, and may be helpful in the treatment of epilepsy. The energies of the Blue ray resonates with the Thyroid gland. 

.8oz+/ 23g+            1.3"+/ 35mm+          1 piece       $2.00

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