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Black Tourmaline Polished Point Pendant #101818
Black Tourmaline Polished Point Pendant

Black Tourmaline Polished Point Pendant #101818

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South Carolina

Beautiful polished Black Tourmaline pendant from Brazil.  Black Tourmaline is excellent for neutralizing psychic or actual attack, while at the same time strengthening and enhancing one's well- being. Black tourmaline provides direction and creates a protective energetic space for self-understanding. Black crystals may energetically represent the fear and terror we experience during allegorical travel to “the underworld” or on a spiritual journey through the “dark night of the soul” with re-birth and re-emergence of a better sense of self as the result. Black tourmaline may help you identify and move through these energetic blockages caused by feelings of exhaustion, self-doubt, depression, inertia, helplessness, and confusion. Black tourmaline supports the understanding and importance of patience and perseverance, as we methodically move through denser energetic states on our pathway of growth and life experiences. Black Tourmaline helps to provide clear rational thinking and encourages a positive attitude, altruism and practical creativity.

In healing, Black Tourmaline may be helpful in strengthening the immune system. Black Tourmaline may be helpful in cases of arthritis, providing pain relief and support for the spinal column. 

      .2oz/ 4g               1.3" x .3"/ 33mm x 8mm                  $15.00 

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