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Soapstone Carved Raven Totems #30420
Soapstone Carved Raven Totems

Soapstone Carved Raven Totems #30420

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Beautiful carved smaller sized black Soapstone Raven totems from Peru. Soapstone is a stone of manifestation resonating with creative and flexible energies supportive for new adventures and new opportunities. Soapstone emits a calming yet stimulating energy supporting the release of old routines and creates an openness for new possibilities in life. Soapstone’s energies are helpful for getting one moving and ready for whatever comes next. Soapstone’s energies amplify the signal to receive and transmit messages across all realms and energy fields. Soapstone may be used to stabilize electricity in the atmosphere and to eliminate signal interference.

In healing, Soapstone may be used in the treatment of fat digestion, as well as, to stimulate the liver and gall bladder toward optimal conditions. 

In many cultures, the ancient and wise Raven has carried the medicine of magic and has been known as the messenger of the veiled mysteries. The Raven represents the mystery of the unknown, transformation, creation, wisdom, protection, and prophecy. Raven opens the door to your psyche, prying and probing beneath the “dark” surface of things in order to bring out your hidden truth into the “light.” Raven is the messenger of the spiritual realm. When Raven appears in your life, you are about to experience a change in consciousness. Raven facilitates a way of be-ing in the world that is based on a different kind of consciousness; an awareness that is all knowing, a bit roguish, playful, and always compassionate. Messages from the cosmos, beyond the space and time of this reality, are brought forth through the acrobatically, energetic flight of the Raven. Raven is an oracle, speaking of messages from the spirit realm that may shape shift your life dramatically, as you open to the portals of opportunity, and become the magician of your life. Raven encourages one to align their creative life force with the spiritual laws of the Universe; the creation of vibrational energies necessary to manifest that which you most need into your physical reality. The Raven’s guttural caw cries, "You have earned the right to see and experience a little more of life's magic."

.9oz / 26g              1.4" x .8"/ 37mm x 22mm          1 raven      $15.00

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