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Black Coral, Carnelian, Serpentine and Quartz Crystal Point ChandaLehr #082519
Black Coral, Carnelian, Serpentine and Quartz Crystal Point ChandaLehr

Black Coral, Carnelian, Serpentine and Quartz Crystal Point ChandaLehr #082519

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Beautiful black coral, clear quartz, carnelian, serpentine, and quartz crystal point ornamental ChandaLehr. Inspired by the elements, double helix ornamental ChandaLehr is created with Reiki attuned crystals that have been gathered to create a unique hanging crystal grid offering energetic support and healing in our environmental space. These stones vibrate in harmony, allowing one to discover harmony within our environment. The beautiful black “Y” shaped coral wrapped with burnished copper wire measures 2.4" / 61mm. The quartz crystal point measures approximately 1.6"/ 42mm in length and is suspended from a strand of clear quartz, carnelian and serpentine crystal beads. The beautiful black coral double helix quartz crystal point ornamental ChandaLehr measures approximately 16” in length.  Suggested indoor use for decoration or Feng Shui.

Black Coral double helix quartz crystal point ornamental ChandaLehr         $80.00

Beautiful Black Coral from the Philippines. Black Coral is known as a "stone" of regeneration and purification. Black Coral absorbs and transforms negativity when worn, carried, taken as an elixir or placed in the environment.  Black Coral elevates creative forces and imparts tranquility, dispels fear of darkness. Coral represents diplomacy and is said to quiet the emotions bringing a sense of peace.  Coral helps to both understand and use the qualities of the mystic, as it facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization.  Coral facilitates the connection to past spiritual masters and is helpful for the transfer of knowledge. In addition, Coral has the qualities of Shell:  Shell provides the home to many small sea creatures. Shell may be used to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability.  Shell enhances mental clarity, provides insight on which option is the correct choice during periods of decision-making. Coral promotes cooperation and is an excellent source for cohesive group energy. In healing, Coral may be used to strengthen both the circulatory system and the bones of the body.  Coral may be used to stimulate tissue regeneration of the skin and elimination of toxins. Black Coral has been used to nourish the blood cells. Coral may be considered for the treatment of disorders of the spinal canal, the alimentary canal, the nervous system, and the thalamus.  

Beautiful Clear Quartz Crystals.  Quartz Crystal is a master healer; it stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Clear Quartz amplifies energy and is used extensively in meditation, spiritual development and healing. Quartz Crystals have been used in diagnostic healing, in raising the consciousness toward the enlightened state, and in communicating with the spirits and from those from other worlds. Quartz crystal works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. Quartz crystal raises energy to the highest possible level, works on all level of being, connects to all chakras and enhances psychic abilities. Quartz Crystal attunes one to one’s spiritual purpose. 

Carnelian is an excellent crystal tool to use energetically “leap forward” and to restore vitality, motivation, and for stimulating creativity. Carnelian is empowering and gives one courage, promotes positive life choices, and dispels apathy. Carnelian is known as a stone of abundance as it helps one focus their intention when manifesting and encourages success in business endeavors. Carnelian imparts an acceptance of the cycle of life and removes fear of death. In healing, Carnelian stimulates the metabolism, activates the base chakra, and supports healthy female reproductive organs. Carnelian regulates bodily fluids, kidneys, accelerates healing in bones and ligaments. Carnelian may improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals.  

Connecting one with nature, Serpentine is an earthling stone that aids meditation and spiritual introspection. Serpentine assists in the retrieval of wisdom, enhances creativity, and assists with past lives memory recall. Serpentine may be helpful with energetically establishing more control and balance in your life. Serpentine increases levels of physical vitality while enhancing a positive mind frame and directing healing energy toward problem areas. Serpentine assists in breaking patterns resulting from unwise choices lacking a solid foundation or integrity. Serpentine helps one release the fear of the unknown that comes with change. Serpentine is soothing to the emotional body, bringing a sense of peace and joy. In healing, Serpentine may be helpful in cellular regeneration and the cleansing and detoxifying of the body and blood.

Copper is an excellent energy conductor, stimulates electricity and mystical subtle energies from the higher planes. Copper is said to facilitate mental agility and enhance thoughts, transmitting brain wave patterns even at a distance. Copper brings additional energies for healing. Copper has been used in the treatment of arthritis, ameliorates the pain of broken bones, and provides a charge of energy when the energy levels are depleted.

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