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Black Coral and Agate Slice Triangular ChandaLehr #082419
Black Coral and Agate Slice Triangular ChandaLehr

Black Coral and Agate Slice Triangular ChandaLehr #082419

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Beautiful black coral, black agate slice, smoky quartz triangle shaped hanging ChandaLehr. Inspired by the elements, this black coral and agate ChandaLehr is created with Reiki attuned crystals that have been gathered to create a unique hanging crystal grid offering energetic support and healing in our environmental space. These stones vibrate in harmony, allowing one to discover harmony within our environment. The beautiful triangle shaped black coral wrapped with burnished copper wire measures 6”/ 156mm. The agate slice measures approximately 2.3" / 60mm in length and is adorned with smoky quartz crystals. Suggested indoor use for decoration or Feng Shui.

Black Coral and Agate ChandaLehr         $50.00

Beautiful Black Coral from the Philippines. Black Coral elevates creative forces and imparts tranquility, dispels fear of darkness. Coral represents diplomacy and is said to quiet the emotions bringing a sense of peace.  Coral helps to both understand and use the qualities of the mystic, as it facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization.  Coral facilitates the connection to past spiritual masters and is helpful for the transfer of knowledge. In addition, Coral has the qualities of Shell. Shell may be used to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability.  Shell enhances mental clarity, provides insight on which option is the correct choice during periods of decision-making. Coral promotes cooperation and is an excellent source for cohesive group energy. In healing, Coral may be used to strengthen both the circulatory system and the bones of the body.  Coral may be used to stimulate tissue regeneration of the skin and elimination of toxins. Black Coral has been used to nourish the blood cells. Coral may be considered for the treatment of disorders of the spinal canal, the alimentary canal, the nervous system, and the thalamus.  

Agate is a centering stone, teaching patience and acceptance, encouraging discipline, reliability and a pragmatic approach to life. Agates are grounding, soothing and calming stones that create emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Agates aid with centering and stabilizing physical energy. Agate removes negative energies from the environment, releases blockages that create stagnation and helps to promote growth and the building and strengthening of groups and relationships. Agate helps to build self confidence and self-esteem. In healing, Agate is a powerful throat healer. Agate counteracts blocked self-expression releasing shoulder and neck problems, thyroid deficiencies, and throat and lymph infections. Agate lowers fever, treats arthritic and bone deformities, supports the skeletal system and may be helpful in healing fractures.

Smoky Quartz facilitates the grounding and assimilation of spiritual information (also known as the "download.") Smoky Quartz enhances practicality and organization. Smoky Quartz is superb antidote to stress. The positive energetic vibration of Smoky quartz shields one against geopathic stress, absorbs electromagnetic energies, assisting with elimination and detoxification on all levels. Smoky Quartz absorbs and recycles negative energies by grounding the energy back into the Earth reestablishing a healthy energy flow. Smoky Quartz aids in communication and clear thinking by purging the atmosphere of unspoken resentments or suppressed conflicts. Smoky Quartz is a “stone of cooperation.” Smoky Quartz has a strong link with the earth and the base chakras, promoting concern for the environment and ecological solutions.  Smoky Quartz may be used to protect the earth chakra below the feet and create a grounding cord when in an area of disturbed earth energy. Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone for manifestation and helps to bring one’s dreams and inspired ideas into physical reality.

Copper is an excellent energy conductor and channeling tool as it stimulates electricity and mystical subtle energies from the higher planes. Copper is said to enhance thoughts and healing energies. Copper facilitates the conductivity and transmittal of electrical impulses and brain wave patterns while magnifying healing energies from one source to another. Copper stimulates initiative and experimentation, optimism, diplomacy, and independence. Copper combats feelings of lethargy, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and non-acceptance of oneself through supportive energetic vibrations while helping with the release of self-imposed restrictions. In healing, Copper maybe helpful in the formation of tissues and repair to the physical body after injury or trauma. Copper has been used in the treatment of arthritis especially with the usage of copper bracelets and jewelry. 

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