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Bismuth #282717

Bismuth #282717

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Beautiful blue hued metallic rainbow stepped man made Bismuth Crystal. Metaphysically, Bismuth is a crystal token for travelers. This element helps one on a physical journey, as well as, being a great tool for astral traveling or shamanic journeying. Bismuth helps one to enjoy the journey. Bismuth is known as a “stone of transformation.” Bismuth may be helpful when dealing with feelings of isolation and supportive during periods of growth. Bismuth helps one to focus and move forward calmly during transformation. Bismuth fosters vitality and transmutes energy throughout the chakras. Bismuth encourages cohesiveness in groups and in relationships creating focus with a shared goal. Bismuth fosters the feeling of being connected with others and the greater sense of “All that is.”

In healing, Bismuth may be used in the treatment of digestive disorders and with infections of the skin. Bismuth may also be used to help diminish fevers.

1.1oz/ 32g            1.3" x 1" x 1"/ 35mm x 26mm x 27mm      $15.00

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