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Blizzard Stone



ZODIAC: Capricorn

CHARACTERISTICS: Balancing energy during spiritual growth, grounding, increased intuition


ELEMENT: Earth and Wind

SCIENTIFIC: Blizzard Stone also known as Gabbro crystallizes as silica-deficient igneous rock masses that have cooled slowly deep in the earth. Blizzard Stone may also be referred to as Merlinite. Beautiful black with white speckled pattern Blizzard stone is a combination of a serpentine-rich matrix with amounts of Olivine, Chrome Garnet, Magnetite, Actinolite, Biotite, and white Feldspar. Blizzard Stone was first discovered in the late 1900's by Steve Monroe. Blizzard Stone is rated a 5.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Blizzard Stone is found in various locations in Alaska, USA and in Madagascar, Africa.  


ATTRIBUTES:  The mix of minerals found in Blizzard Stone may facilitate and support energies for those who are actively working on their spiritual development. Blizzard Stone provides comfort and stability during the ascension process. Blizzard Stone is comforting and grounding allowing one to be more “present” in their life. Blizzard Stone fosters respect of boundaries in one’s life and with others. Blizzard Stone helps one to balance responsibilities with personal freedom. Blizzard Stone connects one to the spirit worlds, especially for those seeking answers related to healing or soul growth. Blizzard Stone offers vibrational support during physical healing. Blizzard Stone’s vibrational energies are supportive of mental activities, flashes of inspiration and quick thinking processes. Blizzard Stone helps one to receive and process psychic information. Blizzard Stones gently helps repressed emotions come forth so that one may continue to grow and heal from past traumas. It has been said that Blizzard Stone relieves discordance and violence in temper and expression and balances the frequency of brain-wave transmissions. 


HEALING: Blizzard Stone may be useful in the treatment of "hot flashes," cellular swelling and infections, disorders of the immune systems, bruising, sprains and to balance the alkalinity of the body. Blizzard Stone may also be helpful in regulating and improving the cardiovascular system.




Blizzard Stone is a wonderful crystal tool for shamanic journeying and achieving a visionary state.


In crystal body layouts or healing grids, the magnetic charge from Blizzard Stone helps to align and balance the chakras and the meridian system. Blizzard Stone may also be used to stimulate the kundalini energies and gradually increase the energetic vibration of the auric field. Blizzard Stone is effective in balancing energetic polarities and helps to dissipate dizziness and headaches from energetic overload.


For Gaia Healing, Blizzard Stone may be placed in an area of disturbed Earth energy to balance polarities and stabilize magnetic fields.  

The energy of Blizzard Stone combines well and provides a grounding foundation when paired with Phenacite, Azeztulite, Brookite, and other stones of ascension. Blizzard Stone may also enhance the healing properties of Ajoite, Seraphinite, Healer’s Gold, Sugilite, and Amethyst.