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CHAKRA(S): Third Eye, Crown


ZODIAC: Scorprio

ATTRIBUTES: In addition to the properties of Mica, Biotite mineral allows one to look rationally at one's environment and any potential issues involved. Biotite creates a vision  "seeing" farther than the issue.  It allows one to discard insignificant, irrelevant details and provides a clear picture of each issue.  

HEALING: Biotite mineral has been called the "stone of life" and may be used in diagnosing disorders associated with disorganized cellular patterns.  Biotite may also be helpful in the treatment of the eyes, to release and wilt growths, and to regulate the secretion of bile.
BIOTITE LENS: The Biotite Lens has been used to assist in the maintenance and order of information - both within the mind and in the structure of organization, an excellent stone for the office, which increases systematic and methodical approaches.  It also increases the visions of the third-eye, facilitates clear pathway channels from other realms, past times and civilizations.  It is the stone of the crown chakra, opens connected-ness with the higher-self and enhancing ones true consciousness.  It assist in changing ones ideas, preconceived notions, and beliefs towards the realization of the spiritual self.  It has been used in the treatment of motor abilities and the eyes and when holding the Biotite Lens during acupuncture treatments, it increases the flow of energy to the directed locations.