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CHAKRA(S): Crown and Solar Plexus

VIBRATION: Golden is Number 1 and Goshenite is Number 3

ZODIAC: Leo and Libra

ATTRIBUTES: Beryl is a helpful crystal tool for dealing with a stressful life and releasing outworn behavioral patterns. Beryl is an excellent stone for scrying and often used for a crystal ball and activates the crown and solar plexus chakras. Beryl enhances feelings of courage, relieves stress, and calms the mind. Beryl awakens love on a deeper level and is an excellent stone for stabilizing relationships. 

HEALING: Beryl may aid the organs of elimination, strengthen the pulmonary and circulatory systems, and increase physical resistance to toxins and pollutants. Beryl may be helpful in treatment of the liver, heart, stomach and spine. Beryl may also be used in disorders related to the muscular structure of the legs.  
GOLDEN BERYL is known as a seer's stone and may used for ritual magic.  Golden Beryl aids scrying and promotes purity of being.  Golden Beryl teaches initiative, independence, stimulates the will to succeed and the ability to manifest potential into reality.  Golden Beryl opens the crown and the solar plexus chakras.
MORGANITE (PINK BERYL) attracts and maintains love, and encourages loving thoughts and actions, and helps to create the heart space to enjoy life and a zest for living.  Morganite activates and cleanses the heart chakra, calms a stressed life and benefits the nervous system.  Morganite may help one to recognize unfulfilled emotional needs and unexpressed feelings.  Morganite is a powerful stone for dissolving conscious or unconscious resistance to healing and transformation, clearing the victim mentality and opens the heart to receive unconditional love and healing.  In healing, Morganite may be used to treat stress and stress-related illness.  For more information ~ see Morganite.
 BIXBITE (RED BERYL) opens and energizes the base chakra.