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Azurite Natural Crystal #120717
Azurite Natural Crystal

Azurite Natural Crystal #120717

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Beautiful indigo blue natural Azurite Crystal specimen from the Jakka Mine, Kambove, Congo, Africa. Azurite facilitates mental calmness enabling a meditative and receptive mind for channeling. Azurite guides psychic and intuitive development, cleanses and stimulates the third eye and attunes to spiritual guidance. Azurite brings about clear understanding and new perspectives, releases long-standing blocks in communication and stimulating memory.

In healing, Azurite has a special resonance with the mind and mental processes, mental healing and stress relief. Azurite energizes and realigns the subtle bodies with the physical, clearing the chakras. Azurite may be helpful in the treatment of throat problems, arthritis and joint problems, aligns the spine and works at a cellular level to restore any blockage or damage to the brain. 

2.6oz / 75g      3" x 1.8" x .6"/ 77mm x 47mm x 15mm        $45.00 

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