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CHAKRA(S): Heart, Root 



ATTRIBUTES: Axinite is from the Greek word Acine which means “axe.” Axinite is found in as axe-shape crystal formations or tabular crystals. Axinite is composed of different ions, with extraordinary colors, from violet-brown to black, pale blue, yellow-orange and yellow.  These crystals have a beautiful luster. Axinite provides grounding in all endeavors. Axinite may be helpful in creating a sense of security and trust in relationships. Axinite is a polarizing stone that aligns the energies of the physical with the energies of the Earth.  Axinite provides insight to change and stimulate intelligent positive replacements with regards to pursuits and direction to life's purpose.  Axinite makes adapting to change easier, an excellent stone to use in problem solving.  Axinite crystals may be helpful in dissolving negativity, energy blocks, and assists with the activation of spiritual beliefs on the Earth Plane. 

HEALING: Axinite may be used in the treatment of disorders of the adrenal glands, muscular system, and ambulatory functions. Axinite may be helpful in mending breaks and fractures of bones. Axinite may also be used in the alignment of the vertebrae of the spine.